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How To Get Last Minute Hotel Deals

how to get last minute hotel deals

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Linkin Park autographed "Minutes to Midnight"

Linkin Park autographed "Minutes to Midnight"

the number indicates the order of the autograph I got

apparently Chester once said, “I’ve never been one of those kids that waits to hang out with the band - I’ve always been too afraid. There’s no way in hell I would ever walk up to somebody’s bus and ask for an autograph, no way would I ever do that. I would be afraid that one of the crew would come out and beat me up. The kids who have the balls to hang out, I’m going to make sure they have their stuff signed, because that takes guts."

^O^ yeah, come to think of it now, we were quite brave! haha~ hilarious. all thanks to the friend tho, for figuring out their itinerary and for wanting to go chase them down. I mean, I would've never wanted to do that. I wonder if it's like a culture thing. a lot of the fans in Asia, regardless of which band they support, seem to feel it's "once in a lifetime" that these bands would come to their country... so they all go really out of the way to see just a little bit more of the guys outside of performance time, like going to the hotel and airport to welcome them and send them off... they'll just jump at every chance they've got. whereas in North America, it is somewhat relatively easier to see bands perform, you could always go to a nearby city or something, so while fans do still gather around tour bus, you don't see them trailing all the way to hotels or something.

anywayz, I saw a few instances in which an individual fan would ask the guys to sign for 2 album booklets, which I guess they all did it for their friends who were not there? but then, I'm not so into getting autographs in the first place... like, it's just a signature~ I'm not sure what's the big deal?

for me personally, I'd rather have photographs with the guys, or at least, of the guys themselves (but not candid ones)... because that means more to me than autographs since well, a photo lasts forever (even tho yes, technically speaking autographs do too... hah).

but what's more important and interesting is the actual process you go through to get the autograph yourself. that's the memorable part. otherwise, you'll just end up with a booklet with all these signatures you can't really recognize and don't really mean anything? well, at least, that's my take for the whole thing ^O^;;;

as for photographs, I think years ago I had already heard of something like Linkin Park only allow photos at Meet & Greet sessions, and that must have been the reason why I joined their fan club back then... but I guess photos are also just something I've come to take granted for already seeing how easily approachable my beloved Canadian musicians are, haha~

but still, I understand perfectly if there's a big group of fans there all wanting to take photos, of course you'd have to say no cuz it'd take a long time to go through so many people... and it'd be unfair if you end up having photos with only a few of them and not all... but if there's only the two of us, I don't understand why they had to keep rejecting...

that's why I think it all comes down to the guys themselves, whether they wanna do it or not... just because you're the so-called "big act" American super band, it shouldn't have been any different. but I guess there's just something about a band that sold more than 50 million albums worldwide, in which I do suppose that is a rather astonishing achievement that's to be revered to. and they still signed for us, so I'm not complaining or anything. I still love them~~~

and sucker I am, I actually ended up joining their fan club *again* cuz haha, I'm not giving up that easily! I still want photos! so I'm trying out the M&G thing again! next year, when they do the North American tour~~~ and crazy as I am, now I'm completely fixing my date of return (to Vancouver) on their tour dates! hahaha~ cuz I won't miss it for the world~~~ or else what, wouldn't it be so incredibly tragic, when here I was, kept saying to them how much Vancouver misses them and yet in the end I may not be able to see them in my own city!!! so there, nooo way in hell would I miss that show!!!

that is, if they do put in a date for Vancouver... *PRAY* ^O^;;; or else I'm definitely travelling to the nearby cities to see their show again!!!

how to get last minute hotel deals

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